Giant sequoia ecosystems, and the wildlife and biological diversity they foster, face dramatic declines from intense, high-mortality fires caused by prolonged drought and the accumulation of heavy forest fuels; as well as other urgent new stressors, such as death or weakening from bark beetle attack and drought stress, and potential shifting of suitable microclimates outside of their existing range. 

The 2020 Castle Fire was a dramatic wake-up call, highlighting the vulnerability of this unique system, in that an unprecedented number of giant sequoias were killed. During this fire, and two that followed in 2021, an estimated 13-19 percent of mature giant sequoias over 4′ DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) population has died or are dying as a result of high-severity fire. These fire effects are unprecedented and, if not prevented in future wildfires, represent a significant threat to giant sequoia survival across their already limited range.

Coalition partners recognize that successful conservation of giant sequoia ecosystems will require a greater level of commitment as well as coordinated and effective management action across their range. An estimated 99% of all giant sequoia trees are currently located on public or tribal lands.

Looking up among giants in Grant Grove, Kings Canyon National Park

“As Native People, we have a spiritual and cultural connection with the land. For thousands of years, these trees have provided healing, shelter, and warmth to our people. It is our duty to do everything in our power to make sure that they are protected, so we can pass them on to our future generations as they were passed down to us.”

— William Garfield, Chairman of the Tule River Tribal Council

Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition

The Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition (GSLC) is an organized collaboration of public and non-governmental organizations with a shared commitment aimed at the conservation of giant sequoia grove ecosystems. Our coalition is comprised of all federal, tribal, state, local agencies and organizations that manage giant sequoia groves in public, tribal or private non-profit ownership. Our affiliate partners include select federal and state conservation agencies, non-governmental organization conservation groups, and academic research partners, with a shared commitment to protect giant sequoias and their ecosystems from emerging threats associated with climate change and the extended absence of natural, low severity wildfire processes on the landscape. 



Affiliate Members

The goals of the coalition are to increase wildfire resilience in our forests and communities; address long term planning for climate change through research and monitoring; increase pace and scale of treatments to reduce destructive forest fuels through prescribed burning and restorative thinning; and increase efficiency through partnerships aimed at policy changes that allow for more swift action. 

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