With every survey, our world learns more about the wonders of giant sequoia trees. But as we face growing threats of climate change, extreme drought, and intense wildfires, we also need to understand how these threats impact the trees and vital ecosystems they support.

For researchers, analysts, reporters, and anyone looking for some of the latest data on giant sequoias, we’ve gathered resources and partner links to help you navigate the landscape. If you are looking to share a resource or report with our coalition members, please get in touch!

Research Partners

Berkeley Forests Research Area – home to some of the world’s foremost research on climate change, water, wildfire, wildlife, invasive species, and silviculture, Berkeley Forests welcomes the opportunity to work with new research partners and to host new research endeavors on their research forest properties.

Stephens Lab – The mission of the Fire Science Laboratory at the University of California Berkeley is to conduct scientific research and provide academic training in the fields of wildland fire science, ecology, and resource management. View recent publications.

Save The Redwoods League – Save The Redwoods League is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and restore California redwoods and connect people to the peace and beauty of redwood forests. View recent blog posts.

Reports & Research Papers

Ancient trees and modern wildfires: Declining resilience to wildfire in the highly fire-adapted giant sequoia – Published in Forest Ecology and Management, this 2022 examines the impacts of fire severity on morality rates of giant sequoias, with joint research from USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region Ecology Program; USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station; University of California Davis; the Nature Conservancy; and Save The Redwoods League.

The 2021 Fire Season Impacts to Giant Sequoias – The 2021 fire season included two large wildfires that burned into a large number of giant sequoia groves. All of the data, data analysis, maps and modeling contained in this report are excerpted from the Burned Area Emergency Response Plan for the KNP Complex authored by the National Park Service.


Yosemite Nature Notes 34: Giant Sequoias – Produced by the National Park Service in 2022, this short documentary provides an overview of giant sequoias. Giant sequoia trees are impressive in size, age, and resilience. This resilience is being tested by climate change and previous management practices. These challenges offer opportunities to research these wonderful trees and develop better ways to support their ability to thrive.

The Last of the Monarchs – In this short documentary, hear from those working on the frontlines of climate change in the Sierra Nevada as they share their perspectives on how wildfire and climate changes are adding new pressures to the survival of sequoia trees.

Wildfires Are Putting Giant Sequoias at Existential Risk  – This short documentary highlights the impact of intense wildfires on giant sequoia ecosystems. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley are studying the effects of record-breaking fires such as the one that destroyed large swaths of Alder Creek Grove in the hopes that their findings will inform forest management that might preserve giant sequoias for future generations.

Celebrating Earth Day from the sequoia treetops – ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth joins scientists and arborists using ropes to climb up sequoias, allowing them to access tree canopies and check for decay as forests face threats from climate change.

‘Good Morning America’ takes a look at some of the country’s majestic forests for Earth Day – Scientists and arborists use ropes to climb up sequoia trees, allowing them to access tree canopies and check for decay.