State Forests Program Manager, CAL FIRE

Kevin Conway oversees the CAL FIRE Demonstration State Forest Program, through which approximately 70,000 acres of forestland are managed for sustainable timber production, research, and recreation. One of these is the Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, which contains over 4,500 mature giant sequoias. Kevin’s career in CAL FIRE began in 2013 and has included time spent working on fire prevention policies at the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, in the Forest Practice Program at the Amador El Dorado Unit, and managing the Tree Mortality Task Force. Kevin has contributed to numerous projects and committees, including development of the State Responsibility Area Grant and Local Assistance for Tree Mortality Grant Programs; development of the Vegetation Treatment Program EIR; staffing the Range Management Advisory Committee; and early development of a Programmatic Timberland Environmental Impact Report for the Lake Tahoe region.  

Prior to joining CAL FIRE, Kevin spent nine years assisting the management of industrial timberlands in both the North Coast and central Sierra, performing timber harvest layout and permitting, contract administration, and reforestation activities. He is a Registered Professional Forester and a proud graduate of Humboldt State University.  When he’s not working, Kevin enjoys exploring the rivers and forests of the Sacramento area with his wife Sam and children Amelia, Andrew, and Nathan.

Areas of Expertise: forest management; fire prevention; tree mortality; timber harvest planning; contract administration; reforestation