Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument
Ecosystem Staff Officer, Sequoia National Forest

Gretchen Fitzgerald is the Ecosystem Staff Officer of the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument. In her role, Gretchen focuses on supporting the districts and her staff to manage giant sequoia groves, maintain Pacific Fisher habitat, conduct meadow restoration, reduce hazardous fuels, and restore forests that have burned in wildfires. Gretchen’s current goals include increasing the capacity of the Sequoia National Forest to accomplish hazardous fuels removal, hazard tree mitigation and reforestation projects through the use of partnerships and by providing internship opportunities and mentoring new employees.   

Gretchen earned a B.S. in Wildlife from Colorado State University and a Master’s in Forestry from the University of Montana. She started her career with the US Forest Service in 1989 in the Siuslaw National Forest as a wildlife/fisheries technician. She spent 23 years working in timber sales, reforestation, and forest inventory in several national forests before moving to the Sequoia National Forest in 2020.  

Gretchen loves to travel, hike, camp, and explore her favorite parts of the Sequoia National Forest.  
Areas of Expertise: Forest management, meadow restoration, hazardous fuels reduction, reforestation