A visit to a sequoia grove can truly inspire a lifetime of advocacy! Giant sequoias and their surrounding ecosystems are in need of our support. Between the threats of climate change, extreme drought, and intense wildfires, we all need to act as stewards for these majestic trees.

It’s our responsibility and our call to action today to continue stewarding and advocating for giant sequoia ecosystems. Find opportunities below for you to make an impact by volunteering with our partners, advocating for sequoias, or donating to organizations working to protect giant sequoias.

Speak up for California’s sequoia forests with Save The Redwoods League

For 100 years, Save The Redwoods League has worked to protect true wonders of the world: California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia forests.

One green closed sequoia cone and several brown ones that have opened and released seeds sit amongst fallen sequoia branches and needles on the forest floor.

​Help preserve giant sequoias with Sequoia Parks Conservancy

The Sequoia Conservation Fund aims to preserve some of the mightiest organisms on the planet, giant sequoias, and the biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a major role in the stewardship of our public lands and work in almost every area of the parks. They contribute their enthusiasm, skills, and time to help preserve and protect the parks’ natural and cultural resources, contribute to essential scientific research through community science, as well as assist and educate visitors.

Volunteer with the National Park Service

Volunteer with the USDA Forest Service

Volunteer with California State Parks

These are only a few options to volunteer with some of our partners. Learn more about our coalition members to see where you can get involved with protecting giant sequoias!

Help Us Rebuild.

Donate today to any of our partners committed to the recovery efforts and the work needed to protect giant sequoia forests forever.