Due to the ongoing fire at [SITE], we have updated our website to provide additional context and resources for those interested in learning more about fire and giant sequoias.

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Giant Sequoias and Fire

Over the last few years, we’ve seen unprecedented changes in the way wildfires burn in sequoia groves. Frequent natural fires have benefitted sequoias in the past by opening cones to release seeds and clearing away dead plan material from the forest floor to create a clearing where seedlings can grow. 

But since 2015, fires that burn at high severity fires are burning through dry groves, killing wide expanses of trees and eliminating seeds from the cones and soil. Scientists and land managers are studying sequoias to identify management actions that may protect them and help them regenerate. You can help by supporting this effort, especially during and immediately after wildfires.


A thick forest stand is silhouetted by bright yellow flames under an evening sky.


The 2021 fire season is estimated to have mortally burned thousands of mature sequoia trees.

Learn More about Fire, Climate, and Recent Threats to Sequoias

Learn more about giant sequoia trees, and the role fire plays in sequoia groves, long-term and recent effects of climate on giant sequoias, and threats these historically resilient trees now face.

KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund

The wondrous giant sequoias have never needed you more than now. Please donate today to the KNP Complex Recovery Fund with via our partner, Sequoia Parks Conservancy. You can help prepare for the recovery efforts to come. At least ninety percent of every donation is restricted to the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund for Sequoia National Park.